Part of Your Business

The core task of the EGT brand is to generate the trust of our partners. Every auto part we sell is a result of our daily efforts to secure premium quality while keeping the price low. Part by part, our partners learn to trust us. We have been building tight business relationships for over a decade now. And we always did our best to adapt to growing market demands and to expand our assortment with new auto products from the most reputable producers. So that your business could choose affordable European quality without ever having to sacrifice safety and durability.
6000 unique products and a 99 percent chance that the requested product will be delivered to you promptly and on time. Customized loyalty programs are developed for each member of our client base which now covers Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Albania, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Finland and other countries. At each point of the service chain we strive to guarantee maximum functionality and quality of our products and customer service. Because partnerships are built when there is trust in every detail.
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Generators of Trust:
•    European quality in every product;
•    ISO 9001 and ISO 16949 standards (testifying that our auto parts can be used in original production lines of the automotive industry);
•    Compliance with OE, SAE J401, FMVSS106, FR 31302, JAV DOT and other major standards;
•    Fast product delivery;
•    12-36 month warranties;
•    Responsible approach towards warranty commitments;
•    Regular supervision of product quality;
•    Professional trainings, educational seminars, qualified assistance and guidance;
•    Customized loyalty programs for small, medium-sized and large businesses;
•    And other trust-generating commitments.

Great partnership models can be offered to automotive businesses of all types and sizes.

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