Trust and waranties

Confidence in Everything you Get

With EGT, you purchase something more than an auto part - you acquire a partner who makes all the journeys safe and smooth. The most efficient batteries, shock absorbers, brake disks, brake drums, brake pads and other spare parts - every product comes from the most reputable and carefully preselected producers. Unceasing product testing procedures and a responsible approach to warranty commitments help us protect the high value of EGT products. This is why the EGT brand is recognized and appreciated throughout the Old Continent.
Trustworthy auto parts form the basis of our partnership. Relationships are then solidified with ‘extra mile’ measures such as professional technical service, efficient logistics, technical education, loyalty programs, and responsible warranty policies. It’s not about buying and selling. It’s about partners who can trust each other in the long run.
EGT - Generating Trust. Part by Part.

Generators of Trust:
•    12-36 month warranties for EGT products;
•    Responsible post-warranty service;
•    ISO 9001 and ISO 16949 standards (testifying that our auto parts can be used in original production lines of the automotive industry);
•    Compliance with OE, SAE J401, FMVSS106, FR 31302, JAV DOT and other major standards;
•    Quality technical service;
•    Efficient logistics, extremely fast product delivery;
•    Regular product testing procedures;
•    Professional training programs for our employees;
•    Network communications with reputable automotive brands across the globe.

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