About us


EGT auto-parts have been on the road for more than a decade. In this relatively short period we have been on a mission to generate trust. So that every EGT product would come with a story. A story of endurance and longevity. A story of trust and affordable quality.

Part by part, we have been generating the trust of clients around Europe.

We distrubute production complying to technical specifications prepared by JSC  Eoltas . Assemble kits and provide other services related to sales and production of automotive spare parts.
6000 and more. That’s the current number of unique positions in an assortment that never stops growing. Each auto-part is produced by reputable auto-parts makers. And every year EGT is welcomed in new markets, for Europeans know how to appreciate European quality.

The EGT brand is founded on three central principles:

Economy. ‘Affordable quality’ is a message appreciated throughout Europe. We stand by this message. Every day we work on optimizing our business model, so that EGT would always offer cuts in price without cuts in quality.
Guarantee. Every auto-part comes with a warranty. Without exceptions. So that each purchase feels good. So that trust is generated on a daily basis.  
Trust. Trustworthy is a word we use for both our products and our customer service. EGT strives to be a partner who is more than a vendor. We offer supervision, attention and education. Part by part, we generate Your trust.



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