New perfume for your car „EGT PERFUME“

The creator of the “EGT PERFUME”


The founder and head of the Aromatherapy Studio, a teacher, delivering perfumery subject, lecturer organizing perfume creation workshops, the author of individual scents for events, companies and festivals, the consultant, assisting in personal scent creation, and the developer of a natural perfume line.

She creates aroma compositions for cosmetics, events, environment scents, homes and perfume; the idea of scents created by Indrė Morozienė is at all times the same – not only “smell” – scents may evoke memories, improve the mood, provide with energy, remove stress, anger, aggression, enhance self-esteem, sensuality and fill the heart with joy and fullness.

We spend increasingly long hours in the car, therefore, this product is a possibility to supress negative emotions and feel well, strengthen the immune system, at the same time improving the overall mood and cleaning the air which is getting to the lungs. Mixtures of essential oils for a car – not only an exclusive, particular, pure and natural aroma, created from most valuable fragrances from all over the world – it manages to assure us that we are doing great and everything is well.

  • If you continuously feel rushed and stressed, if you lack energy, or you are forced to be on the road for a long time and drive long distances, or just would like to feel better – choose ENERGY aroma.
  • If you are under stress for a long time, feel unwell and irritated, want to relax and could do with a bit of a rest – fill your car with GOODNESS scent! And help others to cope with similar feelings – bring as a gift this scent, remind them about this aroma and become an advisor on scent topic.
  • The exclusive scent, by the way, EGT team’s favourite, is TOLERANCE, which undoubtedly is capable to bring the feeling of celebrating the life and “trigger” a smile on everybody’s face.